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50% bubblegum bitch 50% mermaid CEO of disappointment

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when you wait for the beat to drop before you start throwing snacks at people

idk what this is but I love it

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if people i know online met me in person they’d be surprised by several things like

  • my height
  • my voice
  • exactly how annoying i can be

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my friend who snorts cocaine won’t eat cookie dough because it’s bad for you

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Confucius (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


hot guy in the drive thru called me “ma’am” I just got mom zoned

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Fact: Pansexuals formed the Pan Am airline. Its discontinuation was not, as many believe, due to economic problems, but was instead a result of said airplanes being hidden inside secret pansexual bases as future military machines should the Pan Army ever be called to war.

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teacher:you need a 3 ring binder in my class
teacher:*doesn't hole punch anything*


yeah but how many notes did ur post get in dog notes

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